Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy crap it's been a while since I've been on here. I almost forgot about it. Not much going on here. Just random junk, you know, life. Today I'm just playing on my Furry Paws game (yes, random slacker site I know...but it's entertaining to me anyways lol), which is a dog site. You buy, sell, train, take care of, and breed different dog breeds. Fun shit if you're into that crap. I like it, since it has a leveling up system and of course each litter is scored genetic qualities and you breed better genetic stock to each other to try and get superior quality dogs. blah blah, lol and all that.

Dude, today went by SO STANKIN' SLOW. It's still only 28mins after 4pm. I want to do something...go OUT!! I might have to jump in the shower, put on my war paint, grab my best guy and go shake an ass cheek on the dance floor later tonight. That's one thing that sucks about this town, not much to do out. Since we're military lots of the friends we make move often as well, so it's hard to keep a large group of friends with them all moving all the time. My best friend lives next door but they are so totally focused on having a baby (invetro and other fertility help) that they don't really "party"...not that I want to party, I just want to have a couple drinks and have some wild fun...I'm not dead. Yet.

Been listening to tunes on youtube today. Some oldies but goodies from my high school days..*sigh* damn, they are taking me back!! 
Like this WHOLE block of songs here:

I've been singing out loud, most obnoxiously whilst typing this (yes at the same time- I'm that f'ing awesome). 
Is it just me or does Eddie Vedder have one of the sexiest voice ever? I didn't know the dude is only 48, rawr!! :P
But then when I was a teenager he was such an "adult" to me. haha. He's only 12yrs older than me. 6yrs older than the hubster. 
Yeah so, my 36th bday is coming up. **unhappy face** Damn if that didn't come fast. Dude I remember very clearly my 21st birthday and then all the sudden WHAM YOU'RE 35.
That's so not cool. 

I remember thinking how 30--whatever, was so "Old"...I'd like to bitch slap my younger dumbass self for thinking such a thing. I don't *feel* different from when I was 21. I mean, durr, there are things I have realized with time, age, experience, but just in a general "how do you feel" type of way my answer would be: I feel like ME, which was the same way I felt at ME, young I guess. 
I think some people think I'll impart some sort of magical wisdom or some crap at my age, and then there are those that would say - use it or lose it. I say F' that to those people. You don't lose it, unless you give up...or are heavily medicated (but that's another story! lol).

Yeah anyways....
I suppose you know what it's like in the mind of someone with ADD now. LOL Well I'm not on meds or shit, but I was diagnosed as a kid. They took me off meds at 13 cause they figured it was "time"- whatever the hell that means.
I'm cool though, and usually have a very layman's way of talking on my blog, BUT I will tell you that I have all kind of complex shit going on in my head, and with perhaps a bit more sophisticated language and thought readily available to me, I just find that condescending at times and let's face it- fucking boring.

Well, with that, I shall go. Mostly cause I'm getting into Pearl Jam's song "Jeremy" (badass shit), and also....I am out of interesting topics, at least interesting in the way of entertainment for the masses. Mostly it's just random douchebaggary floating around in my head- like: If someone dropped an A Bomb on congress...would anyone weep for them? You know, stuff that would probably send the FBI to my house, or just really non-important stuff like- why does the neighbors cat routinely think he can 'hang' with my cat hating dogs in the backyard? Is he suicidal? crazy? stupid?


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